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I don't care who her father is. No one is taking her away from me again -- no matter who has to die.

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Jade — I came back to town because my grandmother passed away and she was the only family I had left. Grams never wanted me involved with the MCs, but I always knew my father was a member. That was all I knew about him. Now he’s the president of Hounds of Hell MC. Or, as it turns out, he could also be the president of their rival MC, the Cottonmouths. Hounds of Hell MC sent one of their men, Hero, to keep me safe until my parentage gets figured out. No one is telling me why that’s necessary. I should go back to Providence. But I’m done with grad school, and there’s really nothing for me back there. And Hero is one beefy, gorgeous temptation of a biker. Part of me wants to stay here, in the home where I grew up. Part of me just wants him.

Hero — When my prez gave me the babysitting assignment to keep an eye on the daughter he’s never known, I resented it. Until I got a look at her. Choosing me to protect her was the right call. The Cottonmouths took her from me once. No one is taking her away from me again — no matter who has to die. I don’t care who her father is. Jade is mine.



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Christian Hammond, Hero to his brothers, watched from the inside of his Jeep as the leggy brunette made her way to the small SUV. She was probably heading to town, so he decided to give her a head start and see what she was up to. He didn’t have anything else going on at the moment.

When Razor told him to go see if his daughter had come home, Hero had been annoyed by the assignment. What the fuck was he? A babysitter?

Now that he got a look at her, he didn’t have much to complain about. Her jeans were tight, showing off legs a mile long and a nice ass to go with them. Her baggy college sweatshirt didn’t do her any favors, but her long dark hair framed a face that was delicate, beautiful.

How the fuck did Razor have a daughter who looked like that?

His club president probably wouldn’t appreciate him ogling his only child the way he was either but… Look at her.

Scrubbing a hand over his beard, Hero waited as she started the car and threw on her seat belt. Finally, she started down the long gravel driveway that took her to Route 8. Hero let her reach town, not having any trouble spotting her as she parked on Main Street and headed straight for the local coffee shop.

Hero liked the way she walked with her shoulders back, her head held high. Confidence was sexy as hell on a woman and the sway of her round little ass didn’t hurt either.

His phone rang before he could shut off the engine and follow her on foot. Not surprisingly, it was Razor.

“She make it into town?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Hero told him. “Old man Phillips was there and talked to her for a while.”

“Hmm.” A pause. “I’ve got Snow working on the girl over at the attorney’s office. She’s sweet on him. We’ll see if she can find out if my girl means to keep the house or sell it.”

“Want me to stay on her?” As much as he’d bitched to himself about the assignment, he was minding a lot less now.

A long pause which was odd. Razor usually didn’t have any trouble issuing orders.

“Yeah, man, I need you to,” Razor said in a lower voice. “I’d give it to the prospects but… I need someone I can trust on this. I’m going to need eyes on her at all times until I can resolve some shit. If you’d stay on her until midnight, I’ll have Snow come relieve you.”

What was this about?

Hero wouldn’t question his prez. He appreciated that Razor trusted him.

“I’m on it,” Hero told him. “She’s here in town now, so I’m keeping an eye out.”

“Talk to you soon,” Razor told him, ending the call.

His daughter had come home for the funeral just like Razor said she would.

Everyone in Mercy knew Mina Dock. The old woman had a lot of friends so tomorrow was bound to be a circus.

The girl’s grandmother taught school for years and had retired not too long ago. She was apparently as stubborn as Razor and that was saying a lot. The president of his club had been trying for years to see his daughter, to see if Mina would agree to any type of shared custody arrangement or visitation rights. The old woman wouldn’t hear of it.

Razor never talked about it. Hero had heard stories.

Razor had never taken an old lady, and the girl’s mother, by all accounts, had been one of the club sluts for a time. Apparently, when she got knocked up, Mina Dock took control of the situation and that was the end of it.

Razor had a daughter he wasn’t allowed to see any more than he had her mother before that. The girl’s mother died a long time ago. Mina Dock had to have been one tough bitch to have kept Razor away.

Hero climbed out of his Jeep when she darted back out of the shop, a coffee cup in hand as she continued up the sidewalk. Her movements were fast, determined.

Hero grinned. There it was.

Razor walked like that when he meant business, or he was pissed at someone.

Speeding up a little, Hero headed in her direction. He was enjoying the sunny day, his curvy assignment. Things could certainly be worse.

When he saw a white delivery van come up the road behind him, he couldn’t have said why he noticed. Three familiar-looking men jumped out and he froze.

Fucking Cottonmouths. What the fuck were they doing here? They weren’t wearing their cuts but he knew who they were.

And he’d lost her. He didn’t know which shop she’d darted into, but he moved even faster. He couldn’t help but feel they were here for her, same as him.


While he was fairly sure he could handle the three of them on his own, he’d been in enough skirmishes to know better than to be one against three with the girl in play. He couldn’t risk texting, so he called Razor back.


“Three Cottonmouths just showed up,” Hero said quickly. “We’re on Main Street.”

“Really?” Razor didn’t sound amused. “The posse’s coming.”

“Thanks.” Hero pocketed his phone and watched as the three of them darted across the street, walking in front of him on the sidewalk. They didn’t even notice him.

The first one was Jimmy Jazz, a scrappy little fucker who put on a good show until things got physical. Then he tended to fade into the background like the little coward he was. The second one, Big Dog, had the tender sweetness of a pit bull and was one hell of a fighter. Hero knew he could stand toe-to-toe against the massive, shaggy-looking asshole. But he’d rather not.

The one that worried him was Baby Face.

Walking ahead of the other two, Baby Face was average size with a pretty face the girls loved. And he could draw them to him like a bee charmer, all honey and smiles.

His pretty face concealed a black heart. A more sadistic little fucker Hero hadn’t met. What he lacked in size, he made up for in savagery. He was good with knives and could take most down with his blades before they even realized they were bleeding out.

He’d cut up many a club slut, too.

That they were here for Razor’s daughter had him wondering what the hell was going on. Why were the Cottonmouths after the girl?

When she darted out of another shop – he didn’t know which store it was – his heart sank to see them right on her heels. Hero sped up, hoping his backup got there fucking fast.

Baby Face called out to her. When she didn’t stop, he did it again.

Don’t stop.

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